Miranda yet again exposing bullying; and we wonder why it’s so rife in our schools and communities…

T h e O b s e r v e r T r e e

“I’m sorry” a voice crackled through the walkie-talkie radio. ” I tried to dry your slippers by the fire, but part of them melted.” This carefully chosen birthday present from my Mum had only arrived two weeks ago. When I pulled them up on the rope and looked at those crinkled up slippers, I felt like crying. “This is ridiculous!“ I thought to myself… “am I really crying about a pair of slippers?”  But I knew in reality it wasn’t about that, it was the accumulation of eight months worth of  loneliness, frustration, isolation. Of missing my family and friends. Of the monotony of every day confined to a small platform. And most of all, of looking out across this valley not knowing if tomorrow I will hear the sound of chainsaws and lose this forest forever. As I sat there in the rain, my usual optimism began to wane, as I thought to myself, “Can I really…

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About takesonetwoknowone

I have a daughter, and i want my daughter to know what's going on as i grow through my life surrounded by injustices perpetrated by bullies in so many forms and guises...
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