The Right to Vaccination

“On one side of the spectrum, people choosing not to be vaccinated would result in concerns about country-wide inconsistencies and may bring about worries of a bio terroristic attacks.”

A subtle comment that errs on the side of propaganda in what must be the most sensitive and pertinent debate of this centurry… All too often we are seeing the uneducated bullied into believing whatever the powers-that-be decide they should believe despite the claim to “health care”…

The Springfield Student

default-featimagePat Kenney
Staff Writer

We all remember those elementary school days where we sat in the doctor’s office and our mom or dad kept telling us that we had to get shots or we couldn’t go to school.

Then the doctor walked in and we all held our breath and clenched our butt cheeks as we hoped and prayed to hear those five magical words…“You don’t need any shots.”

But the line between mandatory and voluntary immunization has become skewed as of late

“Vaccinations are a hot topic right now,” said SC senior Ashley Lynch. “Parents are questioning vaccines more and more and it continues to become a bigger issue in public health care.”

Vaccinations remain one of the most effective disease prevention interventions that public health in the United States has produced. However, current immunization requirements at the state level are inconsistent and vary significantly from mandatory to voluntary.

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I have a daughter, and i want my daughter to know what's going on as i grow through my life surrounded by injustices perpetrated by bullies in so many forms and guises...
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