Avanti avanti!

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This blog has been started to highlight bullying in society in its many forms and guises…

An expose, one might say, of the injustices occurring everyday, seemingly unnoticed and often ignored by those whom could and should make a difference; us, you and me, the average Jill’s and Joe’s though of course those perpetrating the bullying and the powers that be should be stamping it out as well, though more often than not they aren’t, as it seems to serve some far too often, far too well…

And this all highlights why we have so much bullying at school, why-oh-why we keep asking, is there so much bullying at school… Yet we allow it and even actively encourage it in every walk, corner and element of our daily life…

-12?1 (takes one to know one) was an idea i came up with  several yeas ago, to publicise and market the concept of stamping out bullying in schools by exposing how bullying runs rife throughout our daily adult life…

“Takes one to know one” was something we would cry out when being bullied verbally at school, so i felt it was very appropriate to use this catch-cry to expose bullying in all walks of life, to open the discussion about bullying in the adult world, to push against the tide that is bullying infused through all elements of our supposed modern society…

I hope this blog brings you peace and calm in this mixed up world of dis-graces and roller coaster emotions all revolving around seeming injustices served out by those allowed to be in power despite their obvious bias to unjust manners, and i hope you find your way through assimilation of what you might find here…

Jarrah x

About takesonetwoknowone

I have a daughter, and i want my daughter to know what's going on as i grow through my life surrounded by injustices perpetrated by bullies in so many forms and guises...
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