“I don’t agree” by Richard Flanagan

Ed: I had written and debated extensively on the TFA prior to this article surfacing and was overwhelmed with relief when it published…

Below sits Richards assessment of the recent TFA (Tasmanian Forestry Agreement) instituted by The Tassie Greens (bar Kim Booth, a former timber miller of all things, who has repeatedly refused to back the Greens alliance with the logging industry through the Labor-Greens relationship and crossed the floor in protest of the Tassie Greens vote on the TFA), TWS, ACF, ETi and a board comprising the logging industry of Tassie…

Amazing really, that an industry, such as this, the Tasmanian logging industry, in its death throws after more than 30 years of very sustained and successful protests from environmental activists, an industry synonymous with modern day bullying tactics to get more than it wants, (and irreconcilably more than it needs), has somehow managed to sequester the assistance of the three Australia’s primary eNGO’s, TWS, ACF and ETi, along with near on $350 million in slush funds and literally revive itself in a heart beat, or, in the time it takes to fell a tree…

And here lies the insidious nature of bullying and how not standing up to bullies ropes in the victims to a disastrous cycle of conflict and oppression…







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So Julia Gillard has declared that she wants the parties who started the so-called Tasmanian forest peace process “to do everything they can to use their abilities to silence those who haven’t gone with the mainstream consensus”.

To silence.

I lived with the silence of Tasmania for too many years. And now the leaders of The Wilderness Society, Environment Tasmania, the ACF and the Tasmanian Greens have signed up to a deal that seeks to achieve what even Gunns failed in doing: silencing the rage Tasmanians felt with the destruction of their land and the corruption of public life that for a time became its necessary corollary. It is perhaps the greatest own goal in Australian political history.

For these environmentalists have managed to negotiate a deal that extraordinarily manages to resuscitate at vast public subsidy (reportedly $350 million) the worst aspects of a dead forest industry employing less than a thousand people; lock in social conflict for another decade; empower in Forestry Tasmania a rogue government agency that sees itself as the real power on the island and which works to undermine governments; and delivered the island to political stagnation by ensuring forestry remains the island’s defining political issue.

If this wasn’t grotesque enough the Federal Government’s National Audit Office’s report into the mishandling and misspending of some of the early rounds of this money by Tasmanian government instrumentalities can give the Australian taxpayer every confidence that much of the rest of the $350 million will be misspent, misdirected and misused. Taxpayers can also be assured that if past government bail-outs of the Tasmanian forest industry are any guide, a not insignificant sum of their money will end up funding political groups and campaigns seeking to promote the self-serving interests of a Soviet style industry by entrenching division and stymying political debate and economic change in Tasmania. Some millions of dollars allocated for ‘communications’ will no doubt communicate very well just one message about Tasmania’s logging industry.

And all this in return for what?

The only environmental outcome that is locked in was one already in place: the 123,000 hectares of World Heritage Area secured by Bob Brown and Christine Milne in negotiations with Tony Burke in February. And this in the face of initial opposition from NGO negotiators who worried it might damage their forest deal process. Nick McKim’s claim that there was “legislated protection from logging for over 500,000 hectares”, is misleading.  There is a moratorium on logging in those high conservation value forests that could fall over at any time, and almost certainly will.

Astonishingly, in a day that will become historic in their own annals, the environmentalists’ leaders have managed to split their own movement in a way that will take many years for it to recover from. The greatest sadness is that it locks Tasmania into a conflict it should have ended.

Beyond that there is only what State Greens leader Nick McKim and Environment Tasmania head Phill Pullinger have called ‘pathways’ to future environmental outcomes.


What is a pathway? Is it a forest? Is it a job? Well, no, it’s nothing really, just a confusion of two words, management babble disguising the truth that everything else is but a promise that may or may not happen later.

The formal protection of areas as reserves and national parks will not begin until October 2014, and then only if conservationists meet conditions that realistically will never be met.

Of the many disturbing aspects of the deal, perhaps the most grotesque is the already infamous ‘durability’ clause, under which conservation leaders sitting on a special council with loggers are expected to police and silence conservationists who protest. If they fail to silence their own, the deal is seen to have failed its durability criteria and new reserves promised in the deal do not go ahead and return to the loggers. But of course people will protest and they will be right to protest. The only thing the deal guarantees is the conservation movement at war with itself. Some deal. Some durability. The conservationists’ leaders may as well have self-immolated at the foot of Parliament House.

The second condition is that the forestry industry achieve Forestry Stewardship Council accreditation for its logging — something the industry spat on when conservationists urged it several years ago. Given its abysmal record and third world practices along with inevitable community opposition, this seems as likely as Julia Gillard winning The Voice. But the condition locks in those conservation groups that are signatories to the deal to campaigning for the industry’s logging practices, no matter how dreadful they are, in order to keep alive the promise of saving the forests.

Compounding these perversities there is the simple matter of power. By October 2014, all observers expect Liberal governments to be in power in both Tasmania and federally. In Tasmania the Liberal Party has been explicit that it will tear up the agreement. What then of the moratorium? Well it ends with those areas being once more logged using taxpayer subsidies.

Many fear that both governments will endorse and subsidise a grotesque new forest industry that logs native forest to fuel forest furnaces—so called bio-mass electricity generators — that could by government fiat be defined as a renewable energy source.

Such then is the pathway chosen.

It is possible for good people for the best of reasons to sometimes do the worst of things. If the integrity of the leaders of the environmental NGOs and the Tasmanian Greens Party should not be questioned, their judgement certainly can. Full credit though must go to Terry Edwards of the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania, Evan Rolley running the dubious state-subsidised Malay-owned Ta Ann, and Bob Gordon and Bob Annells at Forestry Tasmania. From a position of almost complete defeat they have returned the forestry industry to its pre–eminent position in Tasmanian public life and persuaded the environment movement to destroy itself. With bluster, flattery, bullying, and dogged persistence they have achieved the near impossible.

But if you care about the environment in Australia you will henceforth have to ask whether The Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation any longer serve your interests. Will they in the future question and campaign against corporate power or will they side with it as they have in Tasmania, recently trooping off to Japan to promote the Malay forest veneer company Ta Ann’s products? Will they stand up to governments or will they be seduced by their attentions, believing the flattering lie that their way is the way of environmental politics in the future?

While nationally the Greens Party under Christine Milne has been resolute in defending the environment and Tasmania’s forests, Tasmanian environmentalists would be right to ask if the Tasmanian parliamentary Greens (other than Kim Booth who showed courage in voting against the bill and his party) any longer particularly represent their interest or aspirations. At the forthcoming state election there would be many reasons for environmentalists to not vote Green and very few to support them. In their determination to achieve respectability, they seem to have become simply the third aspect of a conservative Tasmanian polity with no ideas or vision for the future. Could it be, that for Nick McKim, the decision to support the package proves his Meg Lees moment?

Julia Gillard’s celebration of the peace deal and her call for silencing came on May Day, the day that celebrates all those who went against the ‘mainstream consensus’ that workers shouldn’t be paid a living wage, that workers shouldn’t be treated with respect and dignity. Democracy is about many things, but silence and silencing are the death of democracy.

The forest peace deal was born in ignominy, with Gunns seeking to set up a native-forest-for-pulp-mill swap, a fact denied by environmental leaders at the time but acknowledged by Premier Lara Giddings in parliament. It continued in secrecy and was oiled with evasions, and concludes as a tragedy for Tasmania. Somehow, the conservationist leaders—instead of using the commercial death of the logging industry, changing social values, and new ideas of a renascent Tasmania to help build a different, better and united society — have condemned us all to endlessly repeat the sadness of recent decades.

I am writing this for all the people who for the last thirty years have stood up again and again against the Tasmanian ‘mainstream concensus’— who stood up for the land they loved and for an idea of a better Tasmania. They have watched, ever more distraught, as their battle has culminated in the last three years of secret deal making that has sold their sacrifices and beliefs down the drain.

At the end the only certainty and hope I have is this: I never signed up to the forest deal, not then and certainly not now. I don’t give a damn for durability clauses and special councils of loggers and conservation police. And I didn’t agree to be silenced, not by Paul Lennon, not by Gunns, and I won’t be now by The Wilderness Society and the ACF.

And in all this, I know I am very far from alone.

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An Open Letter to Facebook

In an age where we are so far evolved as to communicate 24/7/365 in perpetuity without ever opening our mouths (internet) how can such neanderthalic assertions be made and bullying of women be so far institutionalised in our most fervent piece of oratory online communication portal Facebook?

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Cure “Terrorism”: Heal the Earth

“The kind of weird logic behind the FBI’s list is symptomatic of the larger problems at play: total social disconnection and a virtually impenetrable cultural bubble that fails to understand anything about itself or the effects it has on the world….
…Both the Boston Bombing and the Batman shooting represent extreme mental instability and disconnection. These kinds of attacks are larger ramifications of the profound alienation that people, immigrants and locals alike, feel in US society. The problem is not Chechnya vs. Russia, US vs. Chechnya, Christians vs. Islam, or whatever. The problem lies within the essence of the human relationship and the human condition of being in a world that we are devastating. The only cure to what plagues us; the only way we can possibly heal is to open up to the earth and restore our belonging on the planet.”


We as allies to the regime of colonialist democracy are guilty of bullying entire nations with our “intervention” and “progress”, yet where does this leave us when we stop and face the results of such actions; we only have ourselves to blame really…

Earth First! Newswire


By Sasha, Earth First! Newswire

Since the FBI “found their men,” the cause of the Boston bombing has been linked to Chechen separatism, Islam, and even immigration. However, the truth lies much deeper than any apparent motive (or lack thereof). While the bombing must be condemned by any standards, there are some very deep disconnections that have to be recognized.

During the manhunt, according to the BBC, “The FBI maintain[ed] a long list of potential threats emanating from US individuals or groups harbouring violent intentions towards the federal government, civil organisations, or society in general. The list includes white racial supremacists, fundamentalist Christian extremists, animal rights activists and anti-abortionists.” Let’s be honest: the FBI has nothing to fear from animal rights activists; animal rights activists will never randomly bomb a giant gathering of people. They wouldn’t hurt a fly. (In fact, let’s note that while all this was going down, the…

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The Right to Vaccination

“On one side of the spectrum, people choosing not to be vaccinated would result in concerns about country-wide inconsistencies and may bring about worries of a bio terroristic attacks.”

A subtle comment that errs on the side of propaganda in what must be the most sensitive and pertinent debate of this centurry… All too often we are seeing the uneducated bullied into believing whatever the powers-that-be decide they should believe despite the claim to “health care”…

The Springfield Student

default-featimagePat Kenney
Staff Writer

We all remember those elementary school days where we sat in the doctor’s office and our mom or dad kept telling us that we had to get shots or we couldn’t go to school.

Then the doctor walked in and we all held our breath and clenched our butt cheeks as we hoped and prayed to hear those five magical words…“You don’t need any shots.”

But the line between mandatory and voluntary immunization has become skewed as of late

“Vaccinations are a hot topic right now,” said SC senior Ashley Lynch. “Parents are questioning vaccines more and more and it continues to become a bigger issue in public health care.”

Vaccinations remain one of the most effective disease prevention interventions that public health in the United States has produced. However, current immunization requirements at the state level are inconsistent and vary significantly from mandatory to voluntary.

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Carnage in the Gulf of Carpentaria

Whether by land or sea, logging native forests or commercial prawn fishing, by-catch is the end result of societies bullish demand for a fast, convenient and easy capitalist lifestyle, and dam the by-catch to hell…

Stand Tall On Deck


Ten years ago, almost to the day, we find ourselves in the middle of the Pacific Ocean standing tall on the deck of the Maka Koa. She’s sandwiched between the Hawaiian island of Maui and crescent-shaped Molokini Crater. Excitement and nervous anticipation fills my every fibre as I am about to log my first night dive. I slowly check and re-check my gear and catch myself imagining that I’m a secret agent sent to infiltrate some unknown territory. I quietly hum the Miami Vice theme song. As the sun and horizon gently hold hands, I slip beneath the surface into another world. It’s the time of day when you witness the changing of the guards; diurnal animals are brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed while the nocturnal ones are wiping the sleep out of their eyes and having a cup of coffee in preparation for the hunt. Dusk…

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Rare footage of endangered possum

Despite the bullying from the Victorian Govt. through mismanagement of our precious native forest reserves by its underlings VicForests and DSE this timid little marsupial, Gymnobelideus leadbeateri, the Leadbeaters Possum, nearing extinction again, is found by one of Australia’s foremost experts on recording such rare marsupials… The meek shall inherit the earth?

Focus On Fauna

Last week Trent, a Flowerdale resident and passionate campaigner against logging of threatened species habitat, took us on a tour of some of his favourite spots in the Mountain Ash forests near Toolangi. After walking through some wonderful tree-fern gullies, we quietly settled ourselves in near a large dead tree trunk (stag) just on dusk. It was not long before a Mountain Brushtail Possum was revealed by Trent’s head-torch, clinging to a hollow spout near the top of the stag. Almost immediately a rustling of branches alerted us to a Common Ringtail Possum right above us. Then, a short while later, Trent’s excited whisper indicated what we had hoped for, but not really expected – a Leadbeater’s Possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri) in the glow of our torches, leaping and scampering through the tangled undergrowth.

Trent was able to record this rare sighting in the video below. [This is quite…

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Standing up to bullies IS the answer to change this insideous part of our corrupt society…

One Inity

Jonathan Moylan faces a possible 6-figure fine and or ten years in prison for his hoax press release that suggested ANZ bank had found its backbone and stopped funding coal mines.

His stunt brings coal mining and climate change to the minds of the masses, albeit with the rage of the right wingers calling for his blood.

But ultimately, as John Passant argues, we will never satisfactorily address climate change within a capitalist system that promotes profits over all else, externalising the destruction of the life support systems of the planet.

Do we have time to work from within the system, to bring around the minds of the masses,  tax polluters and create a renewable energy economy in Australia?

Or is it time for more aggressive action?


En Passant » Jonathan Moylan, stunts, the working class and fighting climate change:

Front Line Action on Coal member and environmental…

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Bullying anyone? Join the dots…

The Wanderlust Misfit


The above is a link to the ABC News article ‘U.S. Wanted to Provoke War with Cuba’. It’s from May, 2001.
Frankly, I’m surprised ABC ever ran the story, and more surprised that it’s still up. From the second paragraph:
“Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.”

Here is a PDF of Operation Northwoods: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430/northwoods.pdf

Beginning on Page 7 is an outline of potential false-flag attacks mitigated by U.S. forces against the United States — attacks to be carried out by our government which they would then blame on Cuba to solidify public support for an invasion of Cuba. The Department of Justice, which passed this over to the Kennedy Administration who turned it down, recommended bombing Guantanamo…

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Our hero, Miranda, melting away the bully boy antics of big govt .and big corp. with her selfless sit-in…

T h e O b s e r v e r T r e e

John Butler supports the Observer Tree

Entertainers, writers, environmentalists and politicians from around the world have today thanked Miranda Gibson, in the Observer Tree in Tasmania, for standing up for the environment by sitting in a tree for one year.

Musicians Nick Cave, John Butler, Urthboy and Blue King Brown, Daryl Hannah, environmentalist Bob Brown, Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne, Independent Member of Parliament Andrew Wilkie, Peter Cundall, and Dr Peter McQuillan and US environmentalists, Derrick Jensen and Julia Butterfly Hill, Tasmanian Greens State MPs Nick McKim, Cassy O’Connor, Kim Booth, Paul O’Halloran and Tim Morris, have thanked Miranda for her ground-breaking efforts in highlighting the plight of Tasmania’s globally significant forests.

John Butler acknowledged Miranda’s dedication and commitment as an inspiration, “Miranda’s long and lofty vigil over one of our most precious national treasures is to be commended and celebrated.

It’s people like Miranda who should be given Australian of the year award. Her service to this country makes her…

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NATO to Survey Patriot Missile Sites in Turkey

…and more bully by tactics from the NATO farces…

For peace, against war: literary selections

Russian Information Agency Novosti
November 26, 2012

NATO to Survey Patriot Missile Sites in Turkey

ANKARA: NATO officials will start surveying sites along the Turkey-Syria border on Tuesday for possible deployment of Patriot air defense systems, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement.

The NATO delegation includes 30 experts from the United States, Germany and the Netherlands, all of whom have Patriots in their arsenals.

“The regions the Patriot systems would be deployed to and the number of foreign personnel that will be assigned to them will be be based on the NATO delegation’s site-survey,” the statement said.

Turkey, a NATO member, has requested the deployment of Patriot missiles on its territory, saying the anti-missile system is necessary to protect its 900-km border with conflict-torn Syria.

Among the most possible sites for the Patriot deployment are Diyarbakir, Urfa and Malatya in southeastern Turkey. Hurriyet said up to 300…

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