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Front Line Action on Coal

The moon hasn’t risen yet over the mine-pit – for a while we thought it was mine-lights but when it rises, the waning moon provides good light out here at Leard State Forest. The mines themselves let out an eery glow, obscuring some of the stars, although it is still more starry here than in any city.

About midday today we got a visit from the mine manager and another manager of Idemitsu’s Boggabri mine, the closest mine to our camp, brandishing a letter warning us that although the mine respected our right to protest, they believed that if we crossed into the fenced public land that surrounds the mine, we would be committing trespass. The mine itself is not allowed to buy the land where their mine sits, because it is still part of the State Forest – nevertheless, they have erected a fence. They were very eager to…

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Waste dump tender is ‘putting the radioactive cart before the horse’.

Some serious light needs to be shone on this process Mr Ferguson employs to bully his way through the Muckaty – Country, dreaming and song-lines… And that light will no doubt reveal, as always, with the ilk of this genera, something more than sinister, no doubt…

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Miranda yet again exposing bullying; and we wonder why it’s so rife in our schools and communities…

T h e O b s e r v e r T r e e

“I’m sorry” a voice crackled through the walkie-talkie radio. ” I tried to dry your slippers by the fire, but part of them melted.” This carefully chosen birthday present from my Mum had only arrived two weeks ago. When I pulled them up on the rope and looked at those crinkled up slippers, I felt like crying. “This is ridiculous!“ I thought to myself… “am I really crying about a pair of slippers?”  But I knew in reality it wasn’t about that, it was the accumulation of eight months worth of  loneliness, frustration, isolation. Of missing my family and friends. Of the monotony of every day confined to a small platform. And most of all, of looking out across this valley not knowing if tomorrow I will hear the sound of chainsaws and lose this forest forever. As I sat there in the rain, my usual optimism began to wane, as I thought to myself, “Can I really…

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Taking care of business… The seeming father of Australia’s environmental movement takes one small step for man and one giant leap for Miranda… Hope you said g’day to the bullies below Bob!

T h e O b s e r v e r T r e e

 24- 07 -2012

On the day that that IGA process was due to deliver an outcome for Tasmania’s forests, long time environmentalist and former federal senator, Dr. Bob Brown, visited Miranda Gibson’s tree-sit in the threatened Tyenna Valley. Dr. Brown made the 60 meter ascent to the reach the platform on which Ms Gibson has been living for the past seven months. The pair discussed the forests and the future of Tasmania, over a cup of teatop tea.

“Today I am making a renewed commitment to my stay in the Observer Tree. There was some hope that yesterday a deal would be reached between industry and environment groups that would bring an end to the logging of high conservation value forests. However, there has been no such agreement so far. This means that world heritage value forests are still under threat and subject to logging right now. I will therefore…

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True spirit! (Despite the potential bullying…)

T h e O b s e r v e r T r e e

It was four in the afternoon when I got a call from the media asking what was happening out here. “Nothing unusual,” I said. “Are you sure? Take a look around.” I started to feel anxious, as I stepped out from under my tarp and peered over the edge, not knowing what I would find. All I could see was a bright red bag on the ground.

“People are putting up on Twitter that there are pro-logging demonstrators at the base of your tree. They are saying you’re not even in the tree.” Well, they hadn’t even called out to me, I thought. Or if they had tried I hadn’t heard it above the roar of the wind in the trees.

By now I was feeling a bit stressed, as I couldn’t even see anyone down there, but the Twitter reports sounded like it was going to be bad. My…

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FSC fails again… While the public in Australia are bullied into believing FSC to A-OK…


Press release from Quercus in Portugal. Why does FSC keep allowing this sort of operation to be certified?

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About time someone stood up to the global Pharma bullies! -12?1!


A study funded by the Japanese Government states that embryonic exposure to the mercury-containing preservative Thimerosal used in vaccines produces lasting impairment of the brain.

The Japanese study was quoted by Methodist minister, rev. Lisa K. Sykes, as she recently gave a speech on this topic.

On June 29, 2012 inPunta del Este, Uruguay, Rev. Lisa K. Sykes of the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD, Inc.) addressed the 4th Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee of the United Nations Environment Programme on Mercury in Medicine: – Efforts to shore up Thimerosal are full of holes! Among the recent flood of studies showing harm from Thimerosal, is one by Dr. Ida-Eto et al, funded by the Japanese Government, which states, (quote) “…embryonic exposure to Thimerosal produces lasting impairment of the brain…thus every effort should be made to avoid the use of Thimerosal” (endquote).

Sykes concluded her speech to the participating…

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Avanti avanti!

Welcome and please come on in and comment!

This blog has been started to highlight bullying in society in its many forms and guises…

An expose, one might say, of the injustices occurring everyday, seemingly unnoticed and often ignored by those whom could and should make a difference; us, you and me, the average Jill’s and Joe’s though of course those perpetrating the bullying and the powers that be should be stamping it out as well, though more often than not they aren’t, as it seems to serve some far too often, far too well…

And this all highlights why we have so much bullying at school, why-oh-why we keep asking, is there so much bullying at school… Yet we allow it and even actively encourage it in every walk, corner and element of our daily life…

-12?1 (takes one to know one) was an idea i came up with  several yeas ago, to publicise and market the concept of stamping out bullying in schools by exposing how bullying runs rife throughout our daily adult life…

“Takes one to know one” was something we would cry out when being bullied verbally at school, so i felt it was very appropriate to use this catch-cry to expose bullying in all walks of life, to open the discussion about bullying in the adult world, to push against the tide that is bullying infused through all elements of our supposed modern society…

I hope this blog brings you peace and calm in this mixed up world of dis-graces and roller coaster emotions all revolving around seeming injustices served out by those allowed to be in power despite their obvious bias to unjust manners, and i hope you find your way through assimilation of what you might find here…

Jarrah x

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