Rare footage of endangered possum

Despite the bullying from the Victorian Govt. through mismanagement of our precious native forest reserves by its underlings VicForests and DSE this timid little marsupial, Gymnobelideus leadbeateri, the Leadbeaters Possum, nearing extinction again, is found by one of Australia’s foremost experts on recording such rare marsupials… The meek shall inherit the earth?

Focus On Fauna

Last week Trent, a Flowerdale resident and passionate campaigner against logging of threatened species habitat, took us on a tour of some of his favourite spots in the Mountain Ash forests near Toolangi. After walking through some wonderful tree-fern gullies, we quietly settled ourselves in near a large dead tree trunk (stag) just on dusk. It was not long before a Mountain Brushtail Possum was revealed by Trent’s head-torch, clinging to a hollow spout near the top of the stag. Almost immediately a rustling of branches alerted us to a Common Ringtail Possum right above us. Then, a short while later, Trent’s excited whisper indicated what we had hoped for, but not really expected – a Leadbeater’s Possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri) in the glow of our torches, leaping and scampering through the tangled undergrowth.

Trent was able to record this rare sighting in the video below. [This is quite…

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