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Front Line Action on Coal

The moon hasn’t risen yet over the mine-pit – for a while we thought it was mine-lights but when it rises, the waning moon provides good light out here at Leard State Forest. The mines themselves let out an eery glow, obscuring some of the stars, although it is still more starry here than in any city.

About midday today we got a visit from the mine manager and another manager of Idemitsu’s Boggabri mine, the closest mine to our camp, brandishing a letter warning us that although the mine respected our right to protest, they believed that if we crossed into the fenced public land that surrounds the mine, we would be committing trespass. The mine itself is not allowed to buy the land where their mine sits, because it is still part of the State Forest – nevertheless, they have erected a fence. They were very eager to…

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I have a daughter, and i want my daughter to know what's going on as i grow through my life surrounded by injustices perpetrated by bullies in so many forms and guises...
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